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The production standard of SA588 gr A advantages

SA588 gr A advantages plate weight: 1) Theoretical weight of SA588 gr A advantages plate: The theoretical weight of a steel plate is the weight calculated based on the nominal size and density of the steel plate (previously called specific gravity). It is closely related to the length, size, and cross-sectional area of the steel plate. 2) The actual weight of SA588 gr A advantages plate: The actual weight of the steel plate refers to the weight obtained through actual weighing, which is more accurate than the theoretical weight.

Heat treatment process: heat treatment refers to a kind of process operation in which the metal or alloy can change the internal structure through certain heating, heat preservation and cooling methods in the solid range to obtain the required performance. SA588 gr A advantages Heat treatment process refers to the ability to change the microstructure and properties of SA588 gr A advantages after heat treatment, including hardenability, hardenability, temper brittleness, etc.

Integrity, cooperation and innovation, positive and competitive, healthy and abundant are the company's core values. The company SA588 gr A advantages always adhere to the "people-oriented", pay attention to improve the production skills and cultural quality of employees, by cultivating employees to carry forward excellent cultural traditions, set up the correct values, ethics and codes of conduct to improve employees' loyalty and work enthusiasm.

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